About Me

After creating two companies and selling the second one to Intuit, I shifted gears from working in finance and operations to learn mobile software development. Making apps and building software captivated me because it is the perfect mix of logic and creativity.


I'm a UC Santa Barbara grad and a self-motivated entrepreneur who turned a successful college project into a business called Dura Doggie (Durable Ideas). Our first product was a truck brake diaphragm with a logo on it that my mom created. My dad brought one home from work when I was a kid and my dog never chewed through it.

Lettuce Help Your Business

At Dura Doggie, I oversaw all operations and managed finances. My partners and I saw a real need for a simple inventory management system and launched Lettuce. Lettuce was a software company, which provided simple order and inventory management for product-based businesses. As Director of Operations, I managed the Finance, Customer Support, Quality Assurance and Human Resources departments. The acquisition of Lettuce by Intuit sparked a temporary consulting practice that led me back into the pet industry.

Mobile Software Developer

As the mobile developer at Anivive, I led the creation of an application to pursue Anivive’s ambitious goal of modernizing clinical trials. I built the app prototype in Swift, but our development team quickly decided to switch to React Native, so that it could compile to both iOS and Android. I also began working on another project that included creating a machine learning model in a Native Module (iOS) for image recognition. In June 2020 I joined a team at Capital Group working on an internal application.


Over two decades ago, I picked up a video camera and passion for film sparked inside of me. I honed my skills making video announcements in Jr. High and High School. I pursued film in college, but got side-tracked and became an entrepreneur. I switched majors with the goal of someday jumping back into film on the business side.

In September 2018, a desire to invest in film began pounding in my heart. I asked my film director friend, Brian Ivie, for a way to jump in. Later that day he sent a link to a documentary he created called Emanuel. He asked if I would watch it and consider investing in the promotion & advertising budget. As I watched I was deeply moved by the powerful real-life story of people choosing forgiveness over hate.

It's a movie and a message for every one of us. I'm grateful for the opportunity to support it. I encourage you to check out the trailer and purchase it on amazon or watch it on your next United flight. https://www.emanuelmovie.com.